New Blanks Posted!

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New Blanks Posted!

Over 100 New Exhibition Rifle Blanks Posted

Over 100 new exhibition rifle blanks are posted, as well as 100 new exhibition two-piece blanks. Black Walnut, Bastogne, and French English. Cured for up to ten years. Ready for shaping for your next project.

We take great pride in air drying and curing our wood for many years.

All wood is ready to go for your new project.

Screwbean Mesquite is the rarest gunstock wood ever to be cut.

Gordon is now cutting the last stand he will ever cut. As far as we know, we are the only ones cutting screwbean mesquite. Reserve your piece by contacting Gordon. A very, very limited supply.

Vault Wood

Vault wood is our special select English/French and Black Walnut.

About Juglans regia - English Walnut

This is the thin-shelled English Walnut, also called Italian, European, Circassian, French, Royal, and Russian. It’s all the same wood, but color and grade vary by location of where it grows. This is the king of the gun woods and most sought after and most expensive in the gun world today.

Read more about English Walnut on our Wood Types page.

How We Grade Our Wood

Grading of this wood is all about the amount of streaking and marbling in the wood, and the colors of this wood can vary from very blond to very highly colorful pieces.

Please visit our How To Choose English Walnut Blanks - Saw Cuts page.

Gallery of Pictures

Visit our gallery of pictures.

English Walnut, Black Walnut, Bastogne Walnut, and Royal Walnut Hybrid Rifle Blanks and Shotgun Blanks in inventory.



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