Our mission at Old Tree Gun Blanks is to provide the finest gun blanks in the world to the custom gun maker and firearms enthusiast. We only cut old trees that produce wood of great grain, color, hardness, and workability. Our wood is air-dried, never kiln dried or steamed, and we guarantee correct layout and grain flow in areas where strength is needed. We also guarantee against internal flaws. Customer satisfaction is our priority, and return customers are always treated with a deal.

Old Tree Gun Blanks specializes in cutting gun blanks. We do not cut wood for turning wood, knife handles, etc.

Old Tree Gun Blanks is owned by Gordon Smith. Gordon has been cutting gun wood in many different species types since 1981. Gordon began cutting for family members who are to this day custom gun makers, and when their bins were full, he began cutting wood for big gun companies, including maple, black walnut, English walnut, and screwbean mesquite. Many of the screwbean mesquite blanks found on fine factory rifles built during the ’80s were from Gordon's wood.

From the summer through the late fall, Gordon was a hunting guide, packing in hunters by mules and horses into different wilderness areas in Utah and Montana. In the winters and springs, Gordon cut gun wood. This was the best time to cut gun wood because the sap goes back into the ground. Thus, drying periods are in turn shorter. Later on, he went to Central America and cut hardwoods in the rain forests that ended up on many of today's automatic pistol grips. The major portion of this wood was coco bolo and different types of rosewood.

Upon his return from Central America, Old Tree Gun Blanks was formed and was able to have a substantial amount of air-dried wood to start to sell. The rest is history. Today, Old Tree Gun Blanks has thousands of blanks in stock and is adding to inventory continuously. Our inventory consists of large quantities of the finest French - English Walnut, Black Walnut, Bastogne Walnut, and Royal Walnut Hybrid from California, Bubinga from Africa, Screwbean Mesquite from three of the five states in which it grows, Hard Maple, and rare species of Black Walnut and English Walnut found only in Utah, planted by the first Mormon settlers.

Today, Old Tree Gun Blanks ships gun wood across the U.S., Alaska, Hawaii, and worldwide, including Canada, Australia, Finland, Italy, U.K., Germany, Argentina, Brazil, South Korea, and South Africa.

We are proud Life Members of the NRA.