We sell blanks in two sizes, rifle and shotgun. Shotgun blanks can also be used as two-piece rifle blanks. These sizes are cut large to fit all variations in rifles and shotguns. We also sell some blanks in Mannlicher size. Call or email us to order one.

A lot of blanks may be laid out with a pattern. This is not for any specific shotgun or rifle, it is only an example to show grain flow in general and what a stock carved out of our wood is going to look like. Also remember, if it looks good on a flat surface, after your gunsmith shapes your blank, it's going to look great.

Rifle Dimensions

28 - 48" length
5-1/2 - 8" or more height at butt end
2 - 5" height at muzzle end
2 - 3" thick

Shotgun/2-Piece Rifle Dimensions

16 - 21" length or longer
5 - 8" height at butt end
2 - 5" height at muzzle end of blank
2 - 3" thick
forend piece ranges from 14" x 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" to 16" x 2-3/4" x 2-3/4"
All two-piece blanks come with a matching forend piece.


For each individual blank, length and thickness will be provided. In cases where our rifle blanks do not quite meet the full dimension specified above, you will recieve a free 4" long accent piece in your choice of wood to make up the difference.

Why these dimensions? We sell our wood in generous sizes so that your stock maker has the opportunity to build the best gun stock possible from the blank. Even an extra quarter-inch will provide a good stock maker with many more options than they would otherwise have while shaping your stock.

Consult your gunmaker about the dimensions in wood required to restock your existing gun or new one. When you have decided on a blank, if you require any additional information or technical measurements for your gun maker, call us at 435-669-8195 and I will be happy to inspect your personal blank and provide you with these measurements and information. Also, remember that our minimum thickness is 2". Most blanks will average 2-1/4" to 2-1/2", although there are some that are thicker. If you are ordering a blank that is going to have a cheek piece or any kind of cast-off stock, this will require some of our thicker blanks.

If you require any advise or assistance in selecting a blank for your particular gun, call or email us. I can see things in blank, in hand, that are hard for you to see in a photo. If I know what your particular needs are, I can help you select the most perfect blank for your project. I do like to talk to every one of our customers, when possible, about their blank needs. Our mission is to keep everybody happy. We do not want returns so we try to prevent miscommunications up front.