Blanks are of High Exhibition English Walnut or Screwbean Mesquite, with high figure such as marbling and ink lines, along with the grain running true.


• At least 2" thick
• At least 3-1/2" wide
• 3-1/2" to 6" long. PLEASE SPECIFY LENGTH
in the Comments/Other Instructions area of your order. You will find the Comments/Other Instructions area on our Checkout page.

Pistol grip blanks are $100.00 for high-grade wood, and $50.00 for low-grade wood. There is a minimum order of $100.00. Shipping is $20.00 per block. As you can see from the below pictures, there are some oddball sizes, but this is the type of wood in high-grade English that you can expect. But most will be bigger than the specified dimensions. We are using a Contender grip here for our pattern to show because it's the biggest one out there. Any of your revolvers and autos are much smaller than this. We are not looking to sell pistol grips for Contenders because they need a forend, and if need be, a matching forend will be an additional $50.

Satisfaction is guaranteed. We accept returns for 3 days after receipt on non-machined pieces of wood, the price of the wood refunded when we receive the return. Sales are final after 3 days. Please see our Quality Assurance and Return Policy to fully understand our policies.


English Walnut Pistol Grip Blanks

High Grade English Walnut Pistol Grip Blanks
US$ 100.00 each


Low Grade English Walnut Pistol Grip Blanks
US$ 50.00 each

Screwbean Mesquite Pistol Grip Blank

High Grade Screwbean Mesquite Pistol Grip Blanks
US$ 100.00 each

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