SHOTGUN BLANKS — Royal Walnut Hybrid

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Royal Walnut Hybrid
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Royal Walnut Hybrid is a cross between Eastern Black Walnut and Claro Walnut. It provides the beautiful figure of Claro Walnut along with the hardness and strength of Eastern Black Walnut.

Royal Walnut Hybrid is a favorite for large caliber rifles because of its closed pores and hardness. It can take hard recoil. The wood can have very beautiful color and high fiddleback.

Many people in the marketplace confuse Royal Walnut with Bastogne, and it has been sold as Bastogne for many, many years. They both are hybrids, though Royal is a hybrid between Eastern Black and Claro Black, and Bastogne a hybrid between English Walnut and Black Walnut. Both have high fiddleback, great color, and great hardness, which is another reason why they are so easily confused. On our website, we distinguish between Royal Walut Hybrid and Bastogne wood.

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Royal Walnut blanks that have birds-eye or burl will need filling. But that's what gunmakers are good at.



All blanks are wet with Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol and/or one coat of poyurethane before pictures are taken to show what the finish will look like.

All two-piece blanks come with matching forend wood.